Health Benefits of Drinking Milk

Milk is a staple product in many people's diets and can be consumed plain, poured over foods such as cereal or in corporated into a number of different recipes. Milk is highly nutritious and offers numerous health benefits with the nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fat) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) it has.

The best known attribute of milk is its calcium content, which is very high. Calcium is important in bone health and is especially important for children, whose bones are still growing. Calcium is also known to be a mineral that helps reduce the effects of migraine headaches.
Calcium is also good for controlling weight. Drinking low-fat milk will help a person burn fat faster after a meal because of its calcium.

If you are looking to add some more protein to your diet, drink a glass of milk. Each glass contains about 8.1 g of protein, which is important for building amino acids in the body. So milk is an excellent post exercise beverage. Drinking milk will also help lower blood pressure and aid in general heart thanks to the trace mineral, potassium, which is found abundantly in milk.

Milk reduces the risk of colon cancer. Consuming at least one glass per day reduces 15% risk of developing colon type of cancer. Milk, especially cold milk helps in acidity and gastric ulcers. Milk with pepper and turmeric helps to fight cough, asthma and allergy. Milk with honey boosts the immune system to fight against infections.

Protein, calcium, phosphorous content in the milk protects the tooth enamel against cavities, stimulates saliva production and neutralizes food acids.

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