Secret of Naturalness in Our Products

In MIHAN, we know that dairy products are the basis of a good and healthy diet and play a major role in body's function and both mental and physical performance. Being completely natural is a non compromising principle in all of our products and we continuously attempt to use the best of our knowledge and facilities to give taste, nutrition, convenience and tradition to our products.

Naturalness is the main attribute of our dairy products. We only use the purest and finest ingredients from the most reputable suppliers all over the world. The secret of naturalness in any dairy product is in the raw milk, which is fastidiously purchased from large industrial farms and we never use milk from collective centers. We follow very strict guidelines on the acceptance of milk at the reception point that guarantees the raw milk to be at the highest and the most natural quality possible. All the methods, procedures, ingredients are defined and established to preserve the naturalness and even add value to the products. The Ultra High Temperature (UHT) method along with the aseptic filling in 6 layered Tetra Pak packages enables us to be 100% sure about our products freshness and naturalness without using any preservatives, chemicals or additives. This is the reason why MIHAN has been synonymous with fine ice cream & dairy products.

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